Friday, December 4, 2009




Originally from Poland, Atmos (Tomasz Balicki) is a Swedish progressive/psychedelic trance producer. He is most famous for his 1999 hit, “The Only Process”, and of course klein aber doctor, released on various compilations.

Along with other Swedish artists like Noma, Vibrasphere and Human Blue, Atmos was responsible for introducing and popularizing the new minimal and progressive form of psytrance circa 2000. His music is characterized by a combination of deep pulsating beats and basslines with subtle understated melodies and soaring atmospheric sounds, as heard especially on his debut album “Headcleaner”. His follow-up 2004 album “2nd Brigade” achieved great success with tracks “Raumwelt Signal”, “KNS” and “Transmission In Vain”

“Tour de Trance” was released in 2008 on Spiral Trax - a release awaited very eagerly indeed by thousands of fans worldwide. All in all, the album is even slower than its predecessor, but the pulsation and the sheer funky danceability remain very much intact - in fact, they have been honed to perfection.



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