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An Italian project that has been producing goa trance since its inception, evolving with changing times. Over the years two members have left, leaving only Max Lanfranconi and Maurizio Begotti. The quality of their tracks has stayed consistent over the years.

Max Lanfranconi, Maurizio Begotti, Carlo Paterno, and Andrea Rizzo met at various parties in Italy at the end of the 1980s. Max, the band leader, was a DJ at the time and had already released two singles in the mid-80’s on an independent Italian label. Andrea Rizzo had a solid musical background. Combined with Carlo’s melodies and Maurizio’s sense of arrangement, all would soon lead to the production of some of the most celebrated electronic compositions.

The first one was published on the Brainstorm label in 1995, and was titled Big Storm in Chapora Fort. The first album, The Juggling Alchemist Under the Blacklight, was out the same year on the German label High Society. This helped the band build a solid reputation in the psychedelic trance scene. Their second album, the classic Alien Protein, was released in 1996 on Blue Room Released.

At Paterno’ suggestion, they launched a party-oriented side project, Pleiadians. Starting off with an EP on Symbiosis Records in 1995, they have thus far produced two albums Identified Flying Object (1997) and Family of Light (1999) in which Paterno was partially involved. A third opus should be out in 2006.

With over a decade's experience in the production of contemporary dance electronica, ETNICA's works are permeated by a unique, elegant versatility and powerful musical charisma. Recognized for their state-of-the-art live performances and remembered for their singles ('Plastic', 'The Polar EP', 'The Andromeda EP'), their classic albums ('The Juggling Alchemist Under the Blacklight', 'Alien Protein', and ‘Equator’) as well as unforgettable hits like 'Starship 101', 'Triptonite', 'Vimana', 'The Dominator', 'History', 'Robot Rebellion', 'Nitrox', 'Black Lava' and 'Solaris', ETNICA incessantly renovate their sound revealing a 360-degree perspective on the possible paths to irreversible blast experiences and terminal dancefloor madness.




  1. great I'm a big fan of this group.

  2. men these guys play a kind of music that bring to you to another plane, really the beat the their music reach touch any fiber of your brain and send you to trip that you don't want return.

  3. Jag har träffat dessa underbara artister i mitten av nittiotalet och enligt min uppfattning så levererar killarna fortfarande bara det bästa vilket de alltid gjort och säkert kommer att göra i framtida dansgolv ... låt festen alldrig ta slut !!!!!


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