Thursday, December 3, 2009

S.U.N. Project


S.U.N. Project are Hi-Man Mccoy, Matthias Rumoeller and Marco Menichelli, a psychedelic trance project from Germany.

They’re known for the usage of guitars, which results from their time as a metal band before they went to Goa in 1992. Since then they developed a very unique psytrance.

SUN Project was the first and original PsyTrance act who consequently started the concept of combining Rock/Metal influences with Psychadelic Trance productions back in 1995.

Since those days this guys don..t go on stage without electric guitars and drums, beside the more typical computerized equipment. Today you can find some more other acts in this scene who started to use this concept for themselves later. S.U.N. Project is one of the few acts which have kept their name alive in the PsyTrance scene over 12 years now!

They released 10 albums on different record labels. These albums are unfortunately sold out completely..But now they are ready for download on I-Tunes and other download portals !

Their insane Live shows, comprising of one heavy metal guitar player who likes to burn his guitar on stage, one drummer and one digital noise maker/mixmaster as well as a few aliens can be seen all over the world and S.U.N. Project is one of the leading acts the Scene has to offer.

The three producers, based in Hamburg, Germany, have always taken their music to new extremes and mixed banging psychedelic Trance with catchy heavy metal riffs, serving up a dish which is second to none and certainly ready to shake the world of Goa Trance.

S.U.N. Project Official Website

S.U.N. Project on Myspace


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