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Animalis aka Ilya Lazutkin is the top new Hi-Tech Electro Psytrance and Fullon producer from Moscow, Russia. Ilya was born in Russia in 1987.

At six years of age, he began learning to play the guitar. Later, he earned his diploma in music art. He became deeply fascinated with electronic music early on as a child, listening to and gaining influence from various musicians including: The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, and Fatboy Slim. Early in 2005, Ilya began experimenting with psychedelic trance music production and composition.

He was instantly overtaken by this sound, all the while adding his own unique flavor of creativity, which is brightly expressed in his productions. In April, 2007, Ilya started playing his first Live and DJ sets in Russia. Later that year, Ilya became an official resident with the Moscow group, Synthetic Dreams Promotion. In October of that year, Ilya released his first tracks under his new project name, “Animalis”.

The project name draws from the Latin term “anima”, which among several definitions means, “animated”, as well as “soul”, “air”, and “breath of life”. Bringing his unique style of melody, drive, and superb sound quality, his music and Live/DJ acts stand above the rest of the crowd.

His musical composition style is heavily influenced by elements of techno, minimal, and progressive house, while maintaining many of the stylistic properties and structural similarities of Full-On Psychedelic Trance. Ilya characterizes his music as deep rhythmic dance music with a psychedelic edge. Ilya has played at countless electronic dance music events all over the globe, and shared the stage with many of the most well known artists around the world.

In June 2008, Ilya became an official label resident for ON THE MOVE MUSIC, based in Hollywood, California. In Autumn of 2008, Ilya joined the German label PLANET B.E.N. records, and in September 2009 he joined the ranks of “the psytrance elite” and became an artist on the legendary SPUN Records in Spain, Ibiza. In 2010, SPUN Records released Ilya’s critically acclaimed all new second album, “Think Different”. In this album, Ilya strives to maintain both a classic approach to music, as well as a cutting edge taste for what truly are the leading sounds of current and future generations.

“Think Different” blazes new territory, crossing genres, while remaining firmly rooted in the core sound and feel that Ilya has come to be known for. What is created is a hybrid sound which firmly holds the listener’s attention, well through the end of the album, upon which they are left begging for more! Ilya Lazutkin, this simple Russian guy can be seen playing at trance events all around the world, letting the power of his cutting edge music style reach more and more people worldwide. Ilya is currently preparing future Animalis releases, including his first exclusive compilation for SPUN Records. In addition, Ilya has successfully launched and branded his techno/progressive/house project, "Elay Lazutkin". This new project has been met with a great deal of critical acclaim as well as top sales on Beatport.



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