Wednesday, August 31, 2011



Dancing Chakras is the result of years experimenting with music creation and exploring into the energy of the chakras.
The process has been developed through meditation on each of the chakras, practicing a breathing exercise in each of them to allow the inspiration and creative flow arising from the origin of each energy center.

Each chakra is in tune with their respective note: The first in C, the second in D, E in the third, fourth in F, G in the fifth, sixth in A and seventh in B. The tempo increases as we move upward through the chakras so as to reach the seventh chakra we are at a rate of 144 bpm.

This work is a vehicle that can transport you to the state of consciousness known as trance, through dance, focusing our attention and breath on each of the chakras and allowing the body to express naturally.

This release comes with a book where Keemiyo explains each Chakra in detail.
Will be published in all Spanish talking countries by AlphaOmega together with the album on CD.



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