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DJ Dimitri


In the international super-dj stakes, DJ Dimitri (born Dimitri Kneppers in 1967) is up there with the best of them. In 1996, he was voted #8 in the highly regarded Muzik Magazine’s International DJ of the Year competition.

Dimitri starts his musical explorations at the tender age of 16, mixing funk and hip hop on a Dutch radio station. In 1988, right when the second Summer of Love breaks out, he makes his first appearances at Holland’s world wide renowned temple of house, RoXY, where he starts his own Friday club night in 1990, seeing cues at the door stretching as far as 100 metres. He steadily makes a name for himself on an international level, his specific DJ-ing style being best described as bringing spirituality trough technology. Dimitri’s slamming beats and the strong melodies he plays always make the difference.

Sinds 1991, Dimitri has mixed, remixed and recorded for labels suchs as Go!Bang, Outland, Spiritual, I.C.U (USA) and his own label, Be.S.T (Beautiful Soul Techno), supplying many a single mix and more than a dozen DJ mix albums. He pioneered his Be.S.T - sound very successfully at his own Thursday night club, “Hi-Tech Soul Movement” at RoXY.

Over the years Dimitri has played in numberous clubs and festivals in the Netherlands (such as Chemistry, MTC, New Frontier, Lowland and Dance Valley). He has hosted a monthly club night at New York’s Twilo Club and played in Europe’s hottest clubs like Fuse in Brussels, Rex in Paris, Space on Ibiza, Haoman in Jerusalem, Static Sound in Madrid, Taste in Edinburg and many more.

The talented DJ Dimitri is what they called suits the old saying of "don't judge the book by it's cover", But once you've heard his mixes you will understand why he is one of the most influential DJ-Producer in the scene by now. He has built his reputation as DJ and Producer in the electronic dance music scene in just only five years after his first arrival in the scene in the middle of 2005. Raised from the underground dance scene in Jogja Indonesia where he made his first appearance in the middle of 2005, He then resided to Jakarta to reinstate his further influences.

With his sense for the tunes and indigenous understanding of what exerts on any dance floor, You will promptly realize that it's DJ Dimitri on the decks. He has quite unique style of mixing by pouring one sound into another and creating a truly indifferent sound that most any crowd will highly appreciate, And he enjoys making the crowd hopping and craving for more. His distinctive senses makes him able to pull out the darkness out of the lights of the disco ball and generates the euphoria in the midst of his crowd, Where he then becomes the hero of the dance floor. He is an expert with the peak time status quo, Always foresee that he can spin at anytime involved to cherish them into the moment they always waiting for, Even to mend the most broken spirit. His skill is so astonishing that even a prime class DJ in the scene will voluntarily follows his set and spins their very own sets after him.

In January 2008, He made his international milestone by having his tracks internationally released. It was "Circles", a deep dark progressive house track released by his imprint "Bagong Digital" and exclusively available at "Circles" was his first track, and although it was not went out the way he wanted it to be, It was great and made his first mark in the industry. His later released track "Dark Strings", Really attracted many attentions from global DJs and Producers, Another fine progressive beats that entered the "Top 40" chart at, A very respectful and recognizable dance music online store in the world. This achievement has made another milestone in his career path as International DJs and Producers began to put respect to Indonesian young DJ and producer named DJ Dimitri. Now, DJ Dimitri's tracks can be found on almost on any primary online music stores you can imagine, his tracks are available for download in more than 40 stores with iTunes, Beatport, and HMV in the list.

He is also the ultimate creator of the worldwide prominent “Bagong Odyssey With DJ Dimitri Podcast”, The first and the best Indonesian podcast show featuring some of the best Indonesian & international DJ talents from around the world. He has produced such podcast shows that featured some of the world influential names such as: Niklas Harding, Bobby Deep, Federico Epis, M.O.D.E, Nick K, Andrew Bennett, Darin Epsilon, Oliver Huntemann and more to come. His mixes have also being aired in some of the most famous global dance radio such as DI.FM, Afterhour FM, Puresound FM (Russia), 1Mix Radio (UK), Wave FM (Portugal), Anthem FM (Chile) & Sense FM (USA).

Beyond all of his achievements to this date he still holding tight into his dreams of having his track topping the global chart and performing in some of the world’s greatest clubs and dance events.

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