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SPACE CAT is Avi Algranati from Israel. Born and raised in a musical family, Avi was showing great passion for music from a very young age. In 1988, Algranati won first place at his first national DJ contest. Shortly after, at the age of 21, Algranati discovered the electronic music scene and in 1993 he build his first recording studio. He begins to channel all his energies and sources by creating Psytrance music or as we knew it then Acid music. In a short period of time he conquers the globe with his unique sounds & melodies.

In 1994, Algranati released music under the name Indoor at NMC records. In 1996, he released his 2nd Phonokol album under the name DNA Productions , Phreaky ,Tripsters( With Dino Psaras ) and many more.

Throughout the years Algranati released four Space Cat albums. The 1st album “Beam Me Up” came out on BNE Records in 1997. In 1999 he released his 2nd Space Cat album “Shapes Of Sound”, The 3rd album “Power Up” came out in 2002, and 4th album “Mechanical Dream” was released in 2004 on Vision Quest Japan.

In addition, Algranati had also released numerous tracks on various compilations as well as on the PlayStation 2 game “Gran Turismo 4”. In 2005, Algranati won first place as best DJ and top place as best live act at the Israeli dj magazine competition along with big names such as Infected Mushroom and Skazi. This lead him to become even more recognised & adored by the fans and public.

On 2006 Together with Ari Linker a.k.a Alien Project And Ido a.k.a Quadra , he created the famous label H2O Records, Always in motion, Algranati moved on to collaborate with Alien Project in his recent project Alien vs The Cat. and releases 3 more killer dance-floor albums under The Names “Space Jam”, “Hear the noise”,”Alien Vs The Cat Remixes”. These albums were played globally and remained well known within the trance industry.
Space Cat latest album The Remixes was out on 2010… get ready for this next Bomb!!! These days Algranati has joined the new and exciting Bionics Records in Israel where he collaborates in a fresh & vibrating project called Dirty Diamonds along with Perplex and Moshe Intersys. their Debut album is in process and most likely to be released in mid 2010.

Avi has also Won the israeli’s dj magazine 2005 competition at top place together with infected mushroom and skazi,for the best dj and live act.

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