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Hypersonic is Yoni Salah, age 25, from the southern city Beer Sheva. Yoni has a wide musical background from classic to rock, from soul to electro, and he is using elements of 70’s psychedelic rock, 80’s rock and pop, metal guitar riffs, tribal percussions with live guitars and vocals, all blend into a melting pot of Psy-Trance sounds.

Yoni Salah has released 1 album under the alias Hypersonic and 2 albums under the alias Psydrop.

Yoni is currently one of the most talented trance creators in Israel, with an extensive musical background - from classic and rock to electronic music. Yoni started making trance music 4 years ago and since then he has released 2 solo artist albums, as well as numerous tracks on various compilations under a different artist name.

Under the name Hypersonic, Yoni presents a unique new style of psytrance that immediately caught the attention of every major psytrance label and every leading DJ in this scene. Before the release of his first album "Freedom", few massive Hypersonic tracks was released on various compilations to support the album release like:

Raja Ram Stash Bag" on TIP World, "Tokyo 24\7" compiled by Junya - Eskimo on Phantasm records, "Global Trance Network" compiled by Ben - Dynamic on Phonokol and the new compilation of Phonokol All-stars...on Phonokol.

Even before his first release as "Hypersonic", Yoni traveled to every corner of the world (Mexico, Japan, Portugal, Turkey ...) to promote his exciting new music. A very talented musician, Yoni combines various elements from his previous musical background in his music: Strings and Violins (Classic), Guitars and Vocals (Rock) ,Electro motifs (80´s) that makes his music so unique and extraordinary.

Hypersonic is definitely a name to watch!!! - The Next Generation of Israeli Trance Masters!!!! The Future Of Psytrance!!

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