Sunday, August 21, 2011



Roy Engel A.K.A PAINKILLER , Presenting his fullon project coming out of Barcelona. The Album -"BRAINWASH" released on Nutek Records, Including 9 new dancefloor experiences through different influences, such as Classical music, rocknroll, ethnic, world music , Dance and Flamenco. As well, painkiller compiled the hot release on 3Dvision records, V/A - "HARDFLOOR" combining between well known artists and promising newcomers .

Roy was introduced to trance by his friend lior pearlmuter (of the famous astral projection),around 1996 he was influenced by the underground stream in Israel at the time, listening and enjoying the birth of psychedelic trance... After a while roy was convinced that he want to turn his instrumental musical career into electronic music…he started to produce with yonatan marcow, (bliss) checking and learning the limits of lfo’s and the different oscillators…. Later on roy moved to San Francisco, after performing in the Burning man festival, and he met with Nitzan, (originally from the same village) and the created together the “Inner Action” project. In 2001 moved to Barcelona and made their first album “Liquid Hologram”…after performing around the world in major events, Roy started his solo project “Painkiller” stepping harder on the full on side. These days as part of Nutek records, Painkiller is compiling his next compilation, “Flamenco Mania”, Whole based on flamenco music, 11 tracks with fresh ideas and restless grooves !!!

Also coming soon the first album from A-TEAM (painkiller & Bliss ). after few years of different experiences for each, Yonatan and Roy got back to work together and wrote the hits “GOBLIN FEVER”(nutek rec) and “OUT OF PHAZE”(phantasm rec), they will create a whole new album for the futuristic psy dancefloor, towards the end of this year.........stay tuned….

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