Thursday, August 25, 2011

Inner Action


Inner Action are Nitzan Shachaf (Nico) & Roy Engel, both originally from Yokneam, a village in the north of Israel.

Roy was born in 1978 and learned to play the piano from young age, he moved to drums, played some rock bands and then, through Prodigy, Goa Gil, first trance party, and that was it- he landed in trance. He soon was DJing and started to make music as part of the Shaff Puff project.

Nico was born in 1977 and started playing music from the age of 10, mainly classical music. At the age of 16 he started playing bass guitar and with other four friends formed his first rock band- Avangard- performing all over the north of Israel. In 1996 Nico moved to London to study sound engineering. There he was infected with the psychedelic bug. After finishing his studies, 3 years later, he moved to San Francisco, and a year later he set up his studio in Berkeley.

The guys met again in Berkeley, California in 2001. Nico was still building up his studio in Berkeley and Roy was DJing around in festivals and parties in San Francisco, while recording tracks in studios in the city. So since they knew each other from Israel, it was exciting to meet on the other side of the globe, especially when they realized that they were doing the same thing. They decided to start producing music together under the name Inner Action. After few months of production they had the first Inner Action live act, in the traditional Howard St. fare- a crazy street party in the middle of the day in San Francisco.

In the end of 2001 they moved to live in Barcelona, Spain. Back to the Mediterranean flavor! The first year passed in a studio by the beach, new language, new friends, new trance scene, sunrise, sunsets and many new ideas. Then in the summer Samy (CPU) came over from SF, and at the end of 2002 they all moved to live in Barcelona with two studios at the same house- like a good party all day long.

These days, Roy and Nico are working on a lot of new music about to be released in different labels. They already released- Inner Action- D-Magic (Decoder).

Apart from Inner Action they have their own solo projects- Nico works as Delusion and Roy as Painkiller.

Source: IsraTrance


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