Thursday, August 25, 2011

Inner Vision


Stefan Mitrevski born in 1984 in Macedonia in the capital city Skopje,label dj for Xilium records(Glowing Flame rec dark sub label) and MoonSun records, he has been introduced into goa trance in early age of 14, after some years going on parties he started playing on small underground parties around Skopje. In the year 2005 he started to organize parties behind the name INNERVISION. His style begins from deep night music and can flute to melodic forest sound with atmospheric melodies. He also has performed on his own parties with names like Para Halu, Penta, Trold, Braincell (Rastaliens), Imaginary Sight, Yudisthira, Rob Janssen, Menog,Logic Bomb,Derango and others. Recently he is more concentrated on producing night music,forest morning and also ambient..chill-out tunes behind the name VISION..SAMVARTAKA.In 2008 Inner Vision has joined Zaikadelic Records,Moonsun Records,Mind Expansion Records,Buddha Mantra Records and Liquid Tune Records :) MSN:

Inner Vision


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