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Ovnimoon is psy progressive project created by Hector Stuardo, born in Santiago de Chile in 1979, one of the most famous trance projects in South America and one of the great exponents of the new Progressive Psytrance style today.

The story begins in the years 96-97 when as a DJ in his homeland under alias ” Vichop” , participating on raves partys. In 2001 he decided to begin experimenting with his own songs and soon after, he performed on his first festival “Earth dance” in Chile. Making one of his first performances under its new name “Ovnimoon “ project, which in those years, was more compositions in morning psytrance style.

After showing his music to the Chilean scene of those years, he decided to try his luck with sending demos to some labels where he believed he could work his music.. His first track "KantuM" was released for "Synergetic Records" in december 2003. After this, Hector continues to work with the same label, editing some chill out songs, and then compiled the second version of the disc "Energetic vol. 2 Compiled by Ovnimoon" for which he produced 2 tracks and remix.

On April 2006, he releasesd his debut album, called "Camanchaca”. One year later, on April 2007, with a new sound and with new approach,he released his second album called "Human Spirit". The album shows a stronger sound and become more distinctive, with a great sales success. Several tracks on this album were re-edited on several collections of major labels such as: Yellow Sunshine Explosion & Ministry Of Sound. In 2008, Ovnimoon published third album called "Family of Light" with which he had great success ..

His last released work was a complete change. Changing label and style. On August 2009, Ovnimoon launches 4th album called "Geometric Poetry" under the German label ” IONO music”. Geometric Poetry rapidly achieved bestseller in the stores like Saikosounds and Psyshop, reaching #1 on both stores at once by more than one week. Hector has participated in several important events in his country, being considered an ambassador of Chilean trance music, a great artist and creator. Playing in venues like Earthdance Chile, Chile Love Parade, Monte Mapu Festival and endless festivals throughout his hometown "Santiago".

Creating compilations for labels such us: Synergetic records, Geomagnetic records, Goa records. He has participated in compilations for labels like: Magma , Iboga, Spliff Music, In grooves, Future Lovers, Geomagnetic Tv , Ministry of Sound, Leguan, YSE, Ajana, Revolver Magazine, Freeze Magazine, Moonsun rec, Kagdila, Usta, Hadra records, Groove Control, Joof Rec , Sony Music , and prepares to edit in Solartech, Iono Music, Aleph Zero, Dharmaharmony . In 2010 Hector launches his own label called "Ovnimoon records" where with the support of his friend Dr Spook, plan out new compilations. Ovnimoon is no doubt an artist who will never stops to growing and constantly evolving, increasingly improving his own production, his sound and quality. Believing in what he does



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