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Synesthesia started with Ami Mazrafi from Hadera, in the center of Israel...

Ami was born in 1987 and found his passionate affair with electronic music at the age of 12...

By the age of 15, Ami had already played as a DJ at the largest local venues, next to the finest Artists... Ami finished sound and production studies some years ago and released some tracks in labels like.. "Up recordes" "FreeAnce records" "PsyCore Records" "PsyShark records" "Midijum Records" Psytropic Records" ect.

Bar Elkis, born 1988 in a small village in northern Israel... he fall in love with music at the age of 14, the guitar was his fisrt love... couple of years later, at the age of 16, he went to party with some friends,.. there, in the megical forest of northern Israel he first exposed to the psychedelic world,.. and it was love from first sight!.. under the guide of Solly Noama (aka Dj Solly - Visual Paradox) Bar started his way as a dj playing.. in parties all around the country..... a year later Bar met Ami Mazrafi that interduce him the art of making electronic music... in 2010, after few years of expiramenting with all kinds of electronic styles.

Bar join Ami Mazrafi to the Synesthesia project and therse already something cooking.

Synesthesia is a new style of Funk-Trance you can hardly put in already defined Genres,.. and they have just realesed their 1'st studio Ep, So stay tuned for the upcoming album!

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