Monday, August 29, 2011

Pop Stream


Yinon Oved - best known as - POP Stream appreciated music since infancy, a fascination with its expressive qualities and how it can evoke an emotional response from people attracted his creative sense.

Rediscovering music at an early age directed Yinon to his following productions & editing of electronic tunes. Using computers, audio and midi hardware he revealed his own path into the depth of what he found to be his greatest passion; Trance music. Psychedelic Trance was at its peak.

While striving to express different types of music within the Psychedelic Trance, Pop Stream brings a new style and different arrangements. Full-On, yet gentle, is the way his music's is perceived.

Self-discipline is fundamental to the creative process and is very much expressed in Pop Stream's music; involving pop music's figures & construction, bright ideas and clear background themes he simple out his creations and eases up on the concentration and focus which psychedelic trance often demands...

POP Stream's tour diary includes area's such as Israel, United States, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, South Korea, India, Russian federation, U.K., Hungary, Italy, Germany, Austria, Holland, Spain/Ibiza, Portugal, France, Denmark, Switzerland, Greece and Turkey, taking part in some of the biggest events such as: Voov Experience and Fullmoon in Germany, the Gathering and SOS in Japan, Tribeadelic - Australia, Soulclipse - Turkey and many others… This promising artist is embarking on a new voyage and you can foresee seeing much more of him and his music on the world.

Pop Stream


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