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Music has always been a great passion in Jonas life and as a young boy he played the piano. In his teens the music interest went from hard rock to punk and hip hop, but he never really found what he was looking for. In 1993, Jonas Pettersson met Dennis Tapper and together they discovered the psy-trance scene.

Dennis is the one responsible for Jonas nickname, that later became the name of his solo project, Tranan. Tranan means the crane, a skinny bird with very tall legs that has a somewhat resemblance to Jonas appearance) Jonas got hooked instantly and a couple of years later he and Dennis started the Hux Flux project.

They felt that the music they wanted to hear didnt exist so they might as well make it themselves. The first Hux Flux album Cryptic Crunch was released in 1997 and was followed by many gigs around the world on the side of a fulltime day job. In 1998 Jonas left Hux Flux and started Logic bomb with Johan Krafft, and later Jonaz Bergvall.

He was also working on his solo project Tranan on the side and had his first release, the single Moody, on Flow Records in 1999. In 2000 Jonas quit his day job and put all his attention into the Logic Bomb project. Soon after that, Logic Bomb released their first album Headware on Spiral Trax and in 2002 their second album Unlimited was released on TIP World Records.

The albums were very successful and followed by heavy touring that took Jonas to all continents except Antarctica, with highlights like Solstice Music Festival in Japan 2002, Boom Festival 2000 and Samothraki 2002 and 2003. In the category Not so very good gigs, Solstice Music Festival 2001 can be mentioned. In front of 8000 excited Japanese fans, the whole system went dead.

In addition to touring as Logic Bomb, Jonas made a name for himself while DJ:ing as Tranan. In 2003, Jonas decided to cut down on touring and focus on music production, especially on his solo project Tranan. In September of 2005 his first album Restarter is released on Solstice Music. Now, mid 2006, Jonas and Johan has started working on the next Logic Bomb album which will be out sometime late 2006.



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