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PSYCOHOLIC (aka Mihail Pravda) is a psychedelic trance project founded in Toronto, Canada in 2004. Currently based in Moscow, Russia, Psycoholic is truly dedicated to always producing new and powerfull sound and unforgetable live performance. He always trying to experiment with the sound and consider his style as mostly full-on psy-trance, but always try to collaborate various styles of music in his production.

Mihail is a DJ/producer for over 10 years, within the years member of various projects and promo groups. Have played many live shows and DJ sets in North and South America, Russia and Europe. Have played alongside with artists such as Paul Oakenfold, John OO Flemming, BT, Comander Tom, Cris Liberator, Dave the Drummer, Orkidea, Talamasca, S.U.N. Project, GMS, Cosmic Tone, Mark EG, Mistress Barbara, Sesto Sento, Motorcicle, Chritopher Lawrence, Scott Project, Union Jack, Rinkadink, Brocken Toy, Tristan, Shanti and much much more.

Mihail is a resident of World Electronic Music Festival (WEMF) in Canada, guest of fameous festival "Kazantip" in Ukraine, "Ultramusic" in Russia, "N-Joy", "Kokum-Koya" in Brazil and many others. With strong production and technikal skills, he earned big respect among fameous music producers and party goers. Sciense 2008 owener of his own Psy Spy Records with world distribution in over 130 biggest internet stores. His album "Trance World Order" (2008) stormed the charts and was supported by many big name Dj's allover the globe.

At the moment Psycoholic busy working on production new tracks and continue performing and Djing at Clubs and parties.



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