Monday, August 29, 2011



Psychedelic Trance Project, produced by Flávio Ferreira. He started his musician career in 1997 playing drums and percussion in a progressive rock band, under the name “Moby Dick”.

After he left the band in 2000, he had his first contact with electronic music. At 2001 he went to Canadá where he had the first contact with mixing techniques and audio production.

He also had his first show as a DJ in Toronto – Canada. After he get back to Brazil, he started his first project in 2003 under the name Kinayder, which has a Hi Tech Fullon style. At 2005 he started the project XPIRAL, influenced by a new style of production, getting into a Night Hi Tech and Groove music.

The project has been showed in lots of Brazilian partys and festivals, like Universo Paralello 8, 9 and 10(BA), Samsara(MG), Soulvision(SP), Festival Fora do Tempo (MA). In 2009 the project got into the first international Tours in Chile. Xpiral has tracks in partner and remixs with some renamed projects like Rinkadink (Alchemy Records), M-Theory (Alchemy Recs), Mental Broadcast(Alchemy Recs), Materia(24/7 Austria), Cosmo Tech (Vagalume Rec), The fist EP is coming soon in 2010.



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