Thursday, August 25, 2011

Somuna Festival

About Somuna Festival

The Somuna Festival is for all who...

• Want to experience the magic of life together.
• Really love nature and act accordingly.
• Act with respect to themselves and others.

I am standing on the top of the hill und look over the festival area.. on the dancefloor there´s moving a melting crowd of dancing bodies. Some of the dancers have closed their eyes, deeply lost in their dance, many a smile on their lips. Others spin over the dancefloor, cheering, and passing their joy to those who are lying in the grass, dreaming or chatting, flowed through by music and sunshine.

I move my head and glance at the "Creative Area" where artworks emerge on sheets, paper and bodies..beautiful patterns and forms, expressions of dozens of souls as far as the eye can reach.... some of the artworks pass me by, their laughter is music to my ears. The music.. I smile to myself thinking of the passed hours, filled with mystical, soulful sounds. How easy it is to get lost in them when the djs and musicians are real artist who know how to play carfully with the sounds, to respond to the people on the dancefloor.

Who take themaselves back by creating a space in which emotions can be lived through and transformed by the dance.... the sound of drums take me back into the present and my feet carry me to the "Jam Area". There they sit in a cyrcle, play their drums, shake their rassles and elicit rough tones out of their didgeridoos, accompanied by cheerfull guitar tunes. Some start to sing now and a spontaneous concert, an ode to life, raises into the sky...elation, lust for view rambles back over the festival area.. the people take care to the spot, there´s hardly any rubbish lying around. All of them understood what a privilege it is to experience something like this together, to dance in peace and harmony, to laugh, to celebrate our being together. What a feeling....

Somuna arised out of such a common vision. It is our concern to check our actions for authenticity again and again and to keep the vision in mind.

Click here for further information: Somuna Festival


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